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Fairway Cooperative

Fairway Cooperative is a Men's Christian house at Purdue University.

Fairway Cooperative Fairway Cooperative

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Fairway Parties

Our parties always draw hundreds of students.  The best DRY parties on campus!

Fairway Parties Fairway Parties

Grand Prix

Fairway has a strong team that participates in the annual Purdue Grand Prix race.

Grand Prix Grand Prix


Know someone that might want to live at Fairway?

Fairway is currently looking for Christian men who are planning to attend Purdue University in the fall of 2015.  Next year’s Formal Recruitment dates are January 24, 2015 & January 25, 2015.  There is an application and interview process that must be completed by all men that want to live at Fairway.

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What is Fairway?

Fairway is the ONLY Men’s Christian Cooperative house at Purdue University.  In many aspects, Fairway is similar to a fraternity.  We are a brotherhood with around 60 members living in the house.  We also participate in various campus activities and social events.  The main thing that sets Fairway apart from fraternities and other Men’s cooperative houses is the fact that we are a Christian house and are completely alcohol free.

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